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Green tea leaves used for matcha, before they are ground into fine powder.

Matcha that comes from a single farm or region.

For a matcha tea to be considered Ceremonial Grade it has to come from young Tencha leaves, the two new shoots at the end of each new sprout. All the stems and veins are removed to obtain a very smooth flavor and texture.

Every single leaf of our matcha is carefully and sustainably hand picked by skilled Japanese workers. This is the only way of ensuring only young leaves are used.

About three weeks prior to harvest, our matcha is covered with handmade bamboo mats which gradually reduce the level of sunlight that gets to the plants. This allows for the plant to build up L-theanine (5x more than other Green Tea varieties) and concentrate its many nutrients in the leaf, while also achieving a lovely and balanced flavor profile between the bitter Catechins and sweet L-theanine.

Matcha is traditionally Granite Stone Ground for 800 years. Granite is considered a “soft” stone, as it doesn't produce much friction or heat. This ensures that our matcha keeps all the precious nutrients in the process of production.

After the process of grinding, our matcha is packed in sealed containers in an air-tight environment. This eliminates the contact with air and keeps the matcha from oxidizing, making it fresh in the moment of opening.

Matcha may be one of the most powerful "superfoods" that exists. It contains Catechin, a very powerful Antioxidant found only in matcha. It's extremely potent and it helps prevent aging and chronic diseases.

 In addition, it also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps reduce stress and promotes state of relaxation and wellbeing.

The vibrant green color of our matcha comes from a natural green pigment found in plants called Chlorophyll. This natural wonder is a powerful detoxifier which helps eliminate toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Greener the better! 

Matcha is the only tea in which the whole leaf is consumed, which means water-insoluble nutrients like Vitamin E, Chlorophyll, Proteins, Minerals and plant fibers are also ingested. 

Yes, it contains more caffeine than regular Green Tea. However, because of the L-theanine and its relaxing properties, it eliminates the coffee jitters, making the effect of the matcha much more energizing and  longer-lasting than coffee.

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