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A little bit more about the journey of our Matcha


The process of making matcha is time and labor consuming. Matcha comes only from the Camellia Sinensis plant and not every leaf can be transformed into noble matcha powder. 


The green tea plants are shade grown under handmade bamboo mats 3-4 weeks prior to harvest. This allows for the plant to concentrate its many nutrients in the leaf which then is picked by hand.  


Hand picking allows the skilled workers to carefully select only the smallest/greenest two young leaves at the tip of each new shoot. These leaves are worthy of creating our Premium Ceremonial Matcha

After harvest, again by hand, the leaves are de-stemmed and all the veins are removed. The tea is then dried in bamboo baskets in a temperature controlled environment. These tea leaves are called Tencha.
The Tencha leaves are now grounded into a fine powder. We use specially constructed Granite wheels that rotate very slow. Granite is considered a “soft” stone, as it doesn't produce much friction or heat. This allows for the Tencha to be ground into Matcha without sacrificing any of the nutrients contained.

After the grinding process, our matcha is vacuum packed in a carefully controlled environment which greatly contributes in the conservation of the valuable nutrients!


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