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About Us

While exploring the deep, rich, fascinating heritage of Japanese culture, we’ve come across one thing that remains the same through the ages... the art of growing, producing and consuming Matcha Green Tea. 


Japanese tea ceremonies, where matcha is central, are counted as one of the Japanese Arts of refinement. We decided to bring that art to you, in its purest form. That is why we created Koi Matcha. A matcha tea that will leave you longing for your next serving...

Each of our products are certified organically and sustainably grown and harvested, with the utmost respect for the Earth. Our tea is free of pesticides and any type of eco-harming materials.

We use only Ceremonial Grade plants to ensure that our customers are always consuming Premium and High grade Matcha Green Tea. This is how we are able to guarantee the purity and quality of our product.

Always sourced in Japan, handpicked and ground by the traditional granite stone method, our matcha is perfectly balanced to give you all the love and satisfaction you crave..because that is what Koi means and will always be our mission here at Koi Matcha.


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